The Enjoyment of Paying Back by Helping Others.

Over 10 years ago I shot the Buck of a lifetime.

This is Charlie

This is that Deer!

 To this day I have not come close to matching the deer of a life time. When the 9 point was at 18 yards I let the arrow go. The arrow hit the exact spot I had been practicing for years. After the deer turned I saw the arrow drop and I knew then that the shot was too far back. After tracking the blood trail for about 100 yards, there was no more blood. I just had a hollow feeling. Then it came to me, I remembered there was a wild life biologist in the area that had a dog that could track a wounded deer. The rest is history. His lab found my deer ten hours later and half mile away. The picture shown here is that deer.


Charlie and I have spent many hours training and have been at this for around 8 years. Our hunting season is mostly rifle. It is sad to say that the interest in recovering wounded deer in our area does not have the same enthusiasm as areas that are predominately archery.  We have found we don’t get many calls and as a result, we don’t get much work.
If you think you some day might need our help, email me at . I am located in the Greenville, South Carolina area and willing to travel up to an hour for a call. Before agreeing to take a call I will ask a few questions as a way to better understand if the wounded dear is retrievable. As I was treated 10 years ago, there will be no charge. I am still a few years away from retirement and sorry to say still need to work, but with a little notice I can get away. Charlie and I are always looking for another challenge so give us a call. For urgent help call me at 864-288-0707.


God Bless Our Troops

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God Bless Our Troops